Supper Clubs

What is a supper club and why are they so popular?

What is a supper club?

A throwback to the mid-20th century, when their popularity highest, supper clubs are like restaurants except, well, more social.

A restaurant is a destination where people are meant to eat and then leave. A supper club is more of a social establishment where people gather, socialize, eat, linger and socialize some more.

Elsewhere in the country the popularity of supper clubs has declined sharply. Although the popularity inevitably is waning somewhat in Wisconsin, there is still a strong supper club presence.

Supper clubs ubiquitously have a bar or lounge for socializing where you can undoubtedly order a Brandy Old Fashioned.

Comfort foods, a good steak and Fish Fry on Friday are all hallmarks of a typical supper club.

Many establishments exude mid-century d├ęcor and charm.

Listen here for bio of Wisconsin supper clubs by Wisconsin Public Radio

For a list of Wisconsin supper clubs click here

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